The utility room is a clever alternative for modern homes and flatswithout basements or storage closets.

A utility room is a great way of keeping your appliances and laundry away from your open-plan living spaces in your home, and ensures your kitchen is kept streamlined and clutter-free. It also allows you to close the door on the noise of the washing machine and tumble dryer, and to conceal your ironing board and other household appliances out of sight.
It’s the details that make the difference. Practical idea: the fold-out space-saving clothes drier.
It will quite simply blow you away. This design really is something! The base unit impresses with the laundry basket tablars including removable baskets.
The tall unit turns out to be a smart organisation system with recycling station, various holders and utensil containers.

Customised storage space

Tall units are storage space miracles and thanks to their intelligent interior organisation and durable mechanisms, they offer lots of space to put away all manner of things but keep them within easy reach. Available in three different tall unit and two highboard unit heights.
You never have enough workspace and stoarage space.
We plan your utility room. We make sure that there is sufficient storage space and work surface available and that we make full use of the valuable living space.
Together we plan and build your home.