Wardrobe solutions

– for every room situation

Fitted wardrobes

It’s one of the timeless elements of customised interior design – the fitted wardrobe. Highlux offers unique storage solutions based on a diverse range of doors and interior systems to create a stylish living atmosphere.

Walk-in wardrobes

Inspiration and an overview; the joy of combining items and easy access – walk-in wardrobes provide the convenience that makes getting dressed a great experience. Our sliding doors conceal exclusive interior systems that ensure everything is to hand – with pull-out rails and shelves; lights and lifts; drawers and mirrors; plus many other fixtures and fittings. Making choosing an outfit an absolute pleasure – day after day and no matter what the occasion.

Corner solutions

Smart corner solutions mean that our systems can continue seamlessly around the walls, making use of every last inch of space. Our goal is to allow you free rein to develop your ideas – so let’s work together to think outside the box when planning doors and interior systems!

Sloped ceilings

Attic spaces offer a unique living environment but at the same time also present difficult interior design challenges. For example, how to use areas under sloped ceilings effectively. Our sliding doors offer solutions that can be customised to fit whatever space is available. No matter whether ceilings slope steeply or gently, the doors offer full functionality, creating an attractive interplay of parallel lines. This theme can also be echoed in the design elements for the surfaces – discover your preferences.

Room Dividers

Our sliding doors can also function as practical room dividers and separate different functional areas from one another. You can thus open or close the bathroom, living room or kitchen as required without permanently separating the rooms from each other. The raumplus sliding doors can of course also be combined with fixed elements, so you will find the right solution for every room situation.

Wall partitioning system

The raumplus partition wall system is a flexible and variable room dividing system consisting of partition wall elements and sliding doors or revolving doors. It can be used room-high as a partition or sliding wall or as a room-in-room system independent of the ceiling.

Freestanding furniture

Chests of drawers, side and high boards in diverse formats and styles and even beds can be used as stand-alone hero pieces anywhere in your room, while still functioning as team players. Their materials, structures, and colours are designed to harmonise with raumplus system designs, creating perfectly coordinated interior designs as and when required.

Finance for your purchase

At Highlux, we are committed to delivering excellent service and we understand that many customers may prefer the option of paying with finance.

With this in mind, we’ve partnered with established credit brokers, Ideal4Finance, to enable customers to spread the cost of purchase with manageable monthly payments.

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You can apply online or over the telephone and decisions are made quickly. The final decision is based on your individual circumstances, including your personal credit profile, how much you want to borrow, and the loan period.

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