Schüller German Kitchens London

German Kitchens are synonymous with longevity and quality, at Highlux

We exclusively deal in German Kitchens for that reason alone. If you are getting a kitchen, it will be one of the most used rooms in your home meaning you need it to be perfect. Schüller German kitchens offer apt customisability combined with quality and durability to ensure that each and every kitchen effectuates each client’s bespoke needs and requirements. Schüller German kitchens have many unique and stylish solutions to many common problems and truly serve to provide a kitchen that deserves to be the focal point for emotion and function in your home. You can view our other London based German kitchens here.

German Kitchens London - Kitchen for Family people, small spaces, sustainability and gourmet people

Schüller German Kitchens have a vast amount of flexibility and can be designed and tailored to any client’s specific tastes and requirements. To supplement this malleability, we have many kitchen models that serve as a baseline for customers to customise or leave as and where they wish. We offer German kitchens London for family people, German kitchens for urban and city living people, kitchens for natural and sustainable people and German kitchens for gourmet cooking.

Kitchens for Family

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and family life revolves around it. This is not just in words – a well-designed kitchen can transform a household. Our German kitchens offer you everything you need to create a space that works for everyone while meeting all your design aspirations. With elegant materials, ergonomic workflows and technologies designed with children in mind – this is how we make creating memories in the kitchen even more enjoyable than before!

Schuller’s family kitchen offers many different uses and opportunities for communication. It must therefore be able to provide everything from safety to freedom of movement, as well as offer a sense of space with open plans or high cupboards. A kitchen should also be pleasant to work in – whether one works without interruption or has a long work pace. This means that planning is key in designing a functional family kitchen in London especially.

Kitchens that are Sustainable

As a lifestyle choice, sustainable enjoyment is no longer just a trend. It has become an important part of our everyday lives. Since the kitchen is one of the rooms in which we spend most of our time, it should be used accordingly. Our German kitchens London have been designed with sustainability in mind to appease this concept.

Schuller German Kitchens designed a space where naturalness is at home. Where home-grown herbs, green plants that promote a healthy indoor environment and fresh market vegetables naturally blend with the open and harmonious ambience. This German kitchen design in particular includes nature-inspired surfaces and colours, as well as innovative equipment and perfect ergonomics.

Kitchens for Cities and Small spaces

A city is a place of inspiration, full of impulses, cultures and possibilities. It is where ideas are born, trends are developed and Zeitgeist is lived. Not only in the streets where life is bustling, but also within your own four walls. Where the kitchen should be perfectly integrated into the available space. Our kitchens meet all these requirements: The elegant design of our kitchen collection for example focuses on small kitchens with large potential. A comprehensive range of modules and accessories enhances the individual design concept and provides an unequalled degree of adaptability for any room layout.

Modern city apartments usually offer limited space. To really capitalise on the limited space, we offer a virtually unlimited number of possibilities for cooking, living and lifestyle – while also adding special touches that reflect you as a person, all of which are offered to our clients based in London looking for a German kitchen.

London German Kitchens - Kitchens for Gourmet people

Schuller offers a kitchen that is designed with gourmet cooking and a focus on slowing down to enjoy your craft, in mind. Take a moment to enjoy life and smell, feel and taste with all your senses. What place is better to do this than in the kitchen that has been designed with a focus on slowing down and the true quality of life, with plenty of space to share the finer things in life with your favourite people.

These Schuller German kitchens come with special details such as, unobtrusive and tasteful designs, high-quality materials, intelligent lighting and perfect kitchen ergonomics. This means the workflow when preparing and cooking can be precisely tailored to the personal preferences of cooking enthusiasts and bon-vivants. Even the equipment promotes inspiration, this is true with regard to storage space and organisation, as well as for the surface design.

Company History of Schuller German Kitchens

A kitchen that is true to the ethos of its owner: high quality, modern design and a sense of trendiness. What is important for Schuller German kitchens is a mutual understanding, as an independent family business, they have an excellent insight into people’s needs and desires. With this in mind, Schuller German kitchens can really listen to their customers and build kitchens that perfectly match their wishes through us.

Schuller looks at themselves as an important part of your future. As they build your kitchen, there is not only the material that matters but also their knowledge about where and how it was sourced, who built it and with which materials. The same applies to the design: This reflects your tastes and ideals. We offer the same kitchen ingenuity by bringing Schuller German kitchens to London for our clients to enjoy.

Schuller is more than just a German kitchen company; they are proud to be an established family business based in the Franconian town of Herrieden. They remain true to themselves, just as they remain true to their home town, for whom they are a reliable employer. But what really makes Schuller who they are is the fact that they offer high-quality products and services from a single source. To learn more about Schuller please visit here.

The Design and Ergonomics behind Schüller Kitchens

Schuller products are made with high-quality materials, built for a lifetime. They choose materials and components based on their long-term performance, durability and timeless style. Each one is designed to be aesthetically timeless so that you can enjoy it for decades after its initial installation.

It’s not enough to have a kitchen that looks good and has what you need. The layout of your kitchen, the kind of walls, floors, doors and windows it has, as well as its arrangement all have just as much an impact on how pleasant your kitchen is to work in. A well-planned kitchen contributes greatly to the quality of life in your home and German kitchens are now accessible from London.

To ensure your kitchen is ergonomic to you we have many technologies we use from Schuller German kitchens. One of which, the ideal working height depends on how tall you are and is determined by your elbow height. It can be planned to suit any individual thanks to three different carcase heights, which combined with two worktop thicknesses and seven plinth heights allow planning a kitchen that perfectly suits you and removes the risk of pain and aches from general use.

Not only is the working height ergonomically important, but we also have raised built-in appliances, removable internal drawers and pull-outs, or wall units with swivel doors that close electrically. All of which make everyday kitchen routine so much easier and contribute to the ergonomics of your kitchen. If this sounds appealing, we offer free design appointments for German Kitchens in London.

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