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Highlux Bespoke Wardrobe Specialists

Highlux is an official partner of raumplus in the UK. 2019 we opened our new showroom in London with custom-made sliding doors,
room dividers and cupboard systems in proven raumplus quality Made in Germany.

HIGHLUX’s mission statement is to enhance clients’ homes and lifestyle, with especially designed and crafted furniture.

Helping our clients enhance their homes and lifestyles -is how we have established and developed HIGHLUX. Listening closely to our clients’ requirements, intuitively turning ideas and dreams, into practical realities and furniture, also gives us – the satisfaction and motivation – to continually strive to develop our craft, services and products.

With a commitment to quality and customer service, we support and nurture, our exceptional team of professionals. We are highly skilled craftsmen, engineers and interior designers. Ensuring top specifications and high-quality finished products, furniture inspired and developed by our HIGHLUX team, is unique, very special, crafted with precision, expertise and care.

Furniture from HIGHLUX – helps to make a Happy Home …


Customer comments

Space Saving Furniture


Foldaway beds, also called Murphy beds. They can be vertically hidden into a wall or cupboard.

Space saving design that offer a great variety of additional options and tricks like lighting, storage space, extra office structures and so on. One of the key benefits of using a hide away bed is that it allows flexible use of a full-fledged mattress based on a movable construction. Their piston or torsion springs make modern fold away beds easy to lower and lift. The quality of sleep with this full size mattress “device” is like in a standard bed, and it can be used daily without negatively affecting sleep quality.

Knowing how to live in a small house is a matter of taste and organisation. There are people who love this environment and find a place for everything despite small spaces. For others, there can never be enough space and an apartment with a few square meters would be unthinkable for them. It must be said, however, that the quality of life in small rooms also depends on the right furniture. HIGHLUX have a selection of furniture that is ideal for small apartments.

The company raumplus

raumplus manufactures customized sliding doors, room dividers, and closet systems.
As a family company headquartered in Bremen/Germany we are able to produce flexibly, from one-off pieces to large quantities.

Established in 1986, raumplus has a trusted heritage of creating innovative, stunning spaces. Expert German engineering
is combined with high quality materials and master craftsmanship.

The brand is now present on all continents and has partners in 70 countries. This includes China, the USA, Canada, Russia, Switzerland and Poland.


With its various range of products raumplus is able not only to produce individual and tailor-made built-in closets and room dividers. raumplus stands for clever and
innovative room solutions beyond standards and usual products.

Anyone can follow standards; this has never encouraged us. We have always taken up the challenge to fulfill customer wishes 100%.

We realize anything for our customers, however taking into account fair trading and behavior. We thus attach great importance to follow the credo of our company founder Jürgen Guddas: to be a fair, respectful and honest Hanseatic businessman and to behave in this manner vis-à-vis our suppliers and many qualified employees.

Uncompromising Quality

What is quality? It is more than the use of premium materials, meticulous workmanship, and the creation of a worthy product in the end. It is also more than the detailed inspections and the advancement of form, function, and design.

Quality is all of that but it is foremost a promise to customers. We are devoting special attention to ensuring quality in each area of production of our storage solutions.

Made in Germany

We ship our wide range of products to over 70 countries worldwide. From Brazil to Australia, from China to South Africa, raumplus is the epitome of innovative sliding doors, room dividers and wardrobe storage systems.

There is no global player behind this international success but rather a family from Bremen, Germany. Second generation Uta and Carsten D. Bergmann have successfully developed their company into an international brand. A strong team, for whom “Made in Germany” is a family thing.


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